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Enzo De la Terre Aimee
*top producing sire in the history of the breed*





Top breeder
in the U.S.
Dogs for
show and work
Several Top Imports
Been breeding
Malinois for
over 30 years

Windrush has been breeding Belgian Malinois dogs for more than 25 years. With our experience in the breed, we have produced some of the top Malinois for Work and top Breed Champions and Producing Champions. Windrush Malinois is the home of some of the top producing sires in the breed which are exclusively and selectively bred for police, military, security, the work sport enthusiast and breed confirmation. We are proven producers of top breed champions and working K-9's.

We would like to introduce you to Windrush and our program of producing some of the finest Belgian Malinois available to the public for the work sport enthusiast and Breed confirmation. We have been breeding Malinois for a number of years and have consistent experience in producing Top work K-9's. We also have proven that titles don't beget titles that is merely the owners effort in doing so.

This might be a little complicated for a first time owner to understand, but I will make it as simple as possible. Instincts and Drives are are inherited. Behavior (the way an animal acts) starts with some innate (inborn) influence and a need for gratification of that behavior. It is an inborn precision form of behavior in which there is invariable association of a particular series of nervous responses (drive) from a specific stimuli to that particular animal. Knowledge of this is fundamental to anyone attempting to breed, produce, and train animals for work.

 To understand this, very little effort has to be put in a animal who has been produced to produce these traits. It does not need much training; only channeling to a specific stimuli. There is no knowledge behind instinct, it is a behavior pattern which does not need to be taught. It involves the reflexes of an animal as a whole, not the reaction, not a learned response. Attentional processes need to be maximized in any breeding program; without them, the individual does not have the ability to retain what it has learned.

It is like a race horse if it does not have the heart to run it will not, it is inate. We also believe that the foundation of behavior is laid in early life experiences and that proper handling is crucial to the development of any animal being trained for work. We incorporate into our selective breeding program as much knowledge of a particular animal being bred to maximize all these characteristics to produce some of the finest Belgian Malinois and horses being bred.  Windrush Ranch and Kennel understands that out satisfied customers are the most important part of our business. We look forward in assisting any of our clients who may require help in breeding, training or medical advice that we have acquired from our years of experience with the breed. We would like to thank all the owners and trainers of all WINDRUSH offspring who combined there efforts in promoting our breeding program on our dogs.

World-wide shipping is available. International clients are welcome. The requirements for International shipping vary from country to country, and so do federal regulations/quarantine requirements. We are experienced in exporting dogs and have a federal veterinarian working with us to assist us with just about any situation.

All Windrush Belgian Malinois are AKC and FCI registered Malinois. AKC DNA parentage verification. No off breed registries where dogs were possibly products of a cull of someone's breeding program and their breed origin can not be properly reflected with the most prestigious registries known and acceptable with the AKC.We breed true type Belgian Malinois and have for 25 years. No Malinois X dogs. All puppies Micro-chipped for positive ID.



An All-Time Leading Sire of Champions in the History of the Breed
Owned by Windrush Ranch & Kennel

Belgian Malinois Champions
1996 - 2002
We would like to also mention that the publishers of Camino Books, Inc. had chosen one of our dogs, Enzo de la Terre Aimee, to grace the cover of
Belgian Malinois Champions'1996-2002'

as well as having many of our other dogs featured inside along with a few articles written by us discussing Malinois behavior, training, and selection. It' an informative book that's also filled with the breed's history, tons of photos, and articles by other breeders. It's definitely worth any Malinois person's time.

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